Dubai Electronic Security Center (DESC) was founded in 2014. Pursuant to Law No. 11 and with the aim to develop and implement information security practices, it has been setting good-practice criteria for cyber security across the Emirate. DESC’s strategic plan includes initiatives to combat threats, cyber-attacks, and cyber-crime.

The goals of technological development will never be met in the absence of supportive frameworks that promote the security and safety of information systems. The Cyber Security Strategy aims to do just that here in Dubai.


Develop, modify, and use technologies to enhance electronic security.


Protect government information, telecommunication networks, and information systems in Dubai.


Enhance and develop the means of securing information and its exchange through any electronic medium.

DESC’s Functions

Set and implement the Government Information Security policy of the Emirate.

Set and supervise the implementation of standards for ensuring electronic security in the Emirate.

Hold, and participate in conferences and seminars, and cooperate with regional and international organizations in relation to the work of DESC.

Monitor compliance by government entities with the information security requirements issued by DESC, and follow up implementation of these requirements.

Combat various cybercrimes and information technology crimes.

Provide technical and advisory support to all government entities in the Emirate.

Prepare and finance the studies and research required to develop electronic security in the Emirate in coordination with government entities.

Propose legislation concerning electronic security.