Plans, Benchmarks and Workshops

The development of the Cyber Security Strategy started by a benchmarking exercise, in which cyber security strategies from about 15 different countries were compared and analysed. This was followed by several workshops and meetings with different stakeholders in Dubai to collect comments and identify synergies. This was used to further improve the strategy, and set the road for its implementation. These stakeholders are the main drivers for the successful implementation of the strategy, and their collaboration is of utmost importance.

The launch of the Cyber Security Strategy is the beginning of our journey, in which we are developing an operational plan together with stakeholders.

Awareness Sessions

Raising awareness of cyber security is a key element of promoting the success
of the strategy. The goal is to build a more secure information society that is perfectly aware of cyber security risks.

One of the key objectives of this strategy is to address any risks, threats or attacks, as well as allowing user access to various aspects of information technology to promote the success of the strategy in the future.